‘Winter is coming’, the famous words of House Stark of Winterfell, are now also becoming the truth in the non-fictional world. The winter seems nearby now the clouds are dropping their rain and the wind is turning colder each day. Instead of longing for the summer, I decided to decorate my house to look like Winterfell with it’s dark wood, candles and furs.

Winterfell Outside Castle Game of Thrones

The set of Winterfell in Game of Thrones is stunning and gives a real feel of what it is like to life in the North of Westeros. Here are some tips inspired by this set to make your home ready for the winter.


The winter is dark and cold, to which candles can bring light and warmth. Somewhat unexpectedly I found some dark metal candlestick in the Ikea that suit the winterfell look (as shown in the first picture).

IMG_5909            Game of Thrones Winterfell Inside Candles Candelier

Thick candles, such as the ones in the picture of winterfell, are easy to find and have a lovely old look. You can get these cream coloured thick candles at a low price to decorate your house and give it a warm light in the cold winter.


The Starks of Winterfell have some amazing swords, while they mainly use swords to swing it at enemies, swords can look great as decoration! I bought a long sword in a local antique shop and put it on the wall between the windows (I live in a chapel with 70cm thick walls and it made my house look like a castle!).

Valyrian Steel Game of Thrones Winterfell Swords    antique long sword

I love the look of old swords, but I also found an amazing site that replicates Game of Thrones swords. The site Valyrian Steel sells a selection of famous Game of Thrones swords, such as the Ice sword of Eddard Stark and Rob Stark’s sword.

Furs and Hides

While I am not a fan of furs, I think that fake furs or sheepskin can give a cosy feel and enhance the winterfell look in your house. You can find a genuine white sheep skin for only 30 pounds or a faux-skin for 10 pounds in Ikea.

Rob Stark And Bran Stark In Winterfell Game of Thrones    IMG_5907

You can also search for a skin more locally and find a more unique coloured one (which has a rougher look than the ikea ones). Putting a skin on the floor, on a sofa or footstool creates a warm look.

Get Creative

Winterfell has a dark look caused by the dark stone walls and wood interior. I felt inspired by the dark wood and gave my pews and table a lovely dark stain. Giving genuine wood objects a dark stain is very easy.

dark stain winterfell look    painting fanart Game of Thrones Heart Tree Weirwood

Apart from giving your house the winterfell look by hides, dark wood and candles, you can also create artworks inspired by this fictional place. Even though I am not very good at painting, I painted the heart tree and weirwood, as I simply enjoyed it. Your artwork can be a great decoration for the winterfell look.


The direwolf, being the sigil of the House Stark, should be visible somewhere in your winterfell styled house! However, getting a wolf is not practical and animal friendly, but I have two alternatives: love your dog if you have one! Or get one these cute clay direwolf from the Etsy Shop Art in the North.

Clay Direwolf by Samantha Artin The North     original

Sophie Turner actually adopted the Northern Inuit dog that played the role of the direwolf ‘Lady’.

Ready, let the winter come!

All you need to do now is tell other people that winter is coming and enjoy living in your winterfell styled house! (maybe try to avoid weddings).