Thinking about buying a friend  a Game of Thrones themed gift, but you do not want to spend too much money on this? Want to buy something for yourself? I have made a selection a great gifts for less than 10 pounds / 15 dollar. I found all these gifts on Etsy, so these are all hand-made gifts by GoT fans!

Game of Thrones 3D Printed Cookie Cutter By 
I love these cookie cutters and they are only 3.84 pounds / 6.15 dollars. These are available with different sigils and even with Tyrion’s face! The seller is having a busy time with many orders, so be aware that you might have to wait a while, but I think its worth it!



Laptop Family Sigil Sticker – Vinyl Decal by PerfectlyAligned

This is the perfect gift for a Game of Thrones fan who likes to show others their favourite sigil. This sticker is available in multiple colours and sigils. The seller also has car stickers of Game of Thrones sigils for sale.




Game of Thrones sigil bookmark and Westeros bookmark by BijouxMalou

I made these bookmarks myself when I started to read the book of A Song of Ice and Fire. This can be a great gift for people who do not only like Game of Thrones, but also love to read the books A Song of Ice and Fire. It is also a gift stimulate people to read the books.

game of thrones bookmarks



Game of Thrones Khaleesi Baby Onesie by evebelieves

This is a cute and fun gift for a baby. This would be a great gift to parents who are Game of Thrones fans. The shop also sells other Game of Thrones inspired onesies.




Game of Thrones Map of Westeros Natural Color Tote Bag by TypsyGypsyTees

I personally love canvas bags like this one, and I am very tempted to buy this now. It is well priced and has a lovely Westeros map on it. They also sell a large variety of Game of Thrones inspired shirts.



Game of Thrones Poetry Magnet Set 500 Refrigerator Magnets by LogophilesAnonymous

This gift makes me realise that it is not a good idea to build your refrigerator into the kitchen (behind wood). This gift can give people (with a refrigerator) hours of fun! It includes 500 magnets with famous Game of Thrones phrases and words. You can like this shop on their facebook to keep up to date with their products and they organise give aways!



Game of Thrones Targaryen Sigil Iphone Case by aestheticase

This is a lovely iphone case with the Ragaryen sigil on it. There are quite a few phone case sellers, but this particular seller has great feedback and the product is of a high quality for its low price!




House Lannister Game of Thrones Duct Tape Wallet by PyrateWench

This is an amazing wallet made out of coloured duct tape! I cannot believe the detail and precision in this wallet. This is a great gift with a low price, considering it is hand made! I like the slim design of it. You can really show of that you have much more money than others with the Lannister sigil on your wallet!


Game of Thrones Jewellery Heart Tree Necklace by BijouxMalou

I love the beauty of the heart tree and weirwoods in Game of Thrones. I made the following necklace myself and sell this as a low price jewellery item. I painted the leaves red and sealed this to create the look of the heart tree. You can wear this necklace as an everyday necklace, and is a good gift for any female Game of Thrones fan.