Like most GoT fans, I am counting down the days until season 4 of Game of Thrones starts. The Game of Thrones season 4 trailers and the George RR Martin’s aSoIaF books, already give us a preview of what to expect. As an attempt to deal with the countdown, I have kept myself busy with creating jewellery inspired by season 4, and some others have done the same. For this post on gift ideas I will merely focus on House Martell.

In season 4 we will be introduced to house Martell from Dorne. The Martells were popular in the books, and perhaps they will also proof to be popular in the next season. Here are some items inspired by house Martell.

House Martell Lighter by Etsy Shop SineCeraCarpentry.

This is a hand carved wood zippo-style lighther. I love the three dimensional look it has with a very impressive finish! It has a reasonable price considering the amount of hand-work this takes, and that a zippo style lighter generally has a long life span :)



House Martell Ipad / E-reader Cover by Etsy Shop GeekifyInc

I only just came across this shop, but know where I will buy any future ipad or e-reader case. This particular case is made from faux-leather to which a brass laser cut Martell Sigil is attached. Stop buying boring factory made ipad covers, because you can have an unique case inspired by your favourite (geeky) show/film/book at a very reasonable price.



House Martell Sigil Necklace by Etsy Shop BijouxMalou  (this is my own etsy shop).

I have created several pieces of jewellery inspired by house martell of which this necklace is one. It is a long bronzenecklace, with a faux-amber stone, and the spear and sun sigil.



Sun and Spear Orange Leather Journal by Airship67

I would be nowhere without my journal and sketchbook, and this leather journal simply looks great! I love the look of real (weathered) leather. The journal is not merely covered by leather, it is fully handmade with the pages and spine being hand sewed.