While it can be amazing to fully dress up as one of your favourite Game of Thrones characters for a cosplay event, it is not something that you do often. Therefor I had a look around online to find Game of Thrones inspired items to wear in your everyday life. Here are just a few, but there are many lovely Game of Thrones inspired fashion items to find.

I found this lovely simple white top with the text I’m not a princess I’m a khaleesi’ in the etsy shop Tomorrowsunknown.



I personally love these stamped necklaces with the Dothraki words for my sun and stars and moon of my life. The underneath picture shows the his and hers necklace made from sterling silver and red brass. These necklaces are sold by MadamePoindextra. Apart from this set, this Etsy shop also sells separate necklaces and much more stunning Game of Thrones inspired jewellery!



This is a fun Game of Thrones inspired jumper/sweater with the text: you know nothing John Snow. Seems like a lovely sweater for the winter, so it is on my birthday list! The jumper is sold by the shop 21CenturyClothing.



I am myself a jewellery maker and have made a lot of Game of Thrones inspired items that can be worn in the daily life, of which the underneath is one example. This is a necklace inspired by the open claw necklace worn by Daenerys Targaryen / Khaleesi. This necklace can be worn in 4 different ways, as an open, closed, long or short necklace to suit any outfit. You can find the necklace and more pictures at BijouxMalou.



On the site of Red Bubble you can find many original designed Game of Thrones T-Shirts. From ironic/humorous shirts to some beautiful art works.

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