Looking for a cosplay outfit for an event? Or simply want to dress up as your favourite Game of Thrones character? I have made a selection of Sansa Stark cosplay items you can find online. Sansa Stark is often described as a very pretty girl in the books, who has been through a lot. Her costumes are mainly large dresses made form beautiful thick fabrics. Her beautiful long hair is often worn in unique ways.

Season 2

In season two we can see the following dress with a lovely dragonfly necklace.

I was unable to find a ready made dress of the above, yet I did find some great fabrics. To make this dress you will need a dupioni silk fabric, which shows subtle lines in the fabric. I found the perfect colour from the Etsy shop FabricsAndTrims. The sides of the dress seem hand embroidered to me, but instead of doing this, you could buy embroidered lace which you will only need to apply over the regular fabric, I found a good embroidered lace from the shop JeanMariesFabrics, which is shown in the second picture.

A replica of the belt that is worn over this dress, and some of the other dresses Sansa Stark wears is sold by Etsy shop CantoriShop. The shop owner made this belt out of a craft foam material. il_570xN.486140838_of30

I personally love the simple dragonfly necklace Sansa Stark worn and made my own version of it, with the twisted chain and a bronze pendant.



Season 3

When Sansa Stark develops from a girl into a young woman, her costumes change as well. One of the dresses we see in season 3 is a large purple dress as shown in the picture below.

I found a costume maker on Facebook called Seeker Cosplay Italia who can make this stunning dress. Check out their facebook for more pictures of the dress and other cosplay dresses.

As I simply love making jewellery, I also created the necklace she worn with the purple dress (and another dress we saw in season 3). This necklace is made from bronze metal with an onyx stone. You can find this necklace in my DaWanda shop or Etsy shop.

Sansa Stark Necklace Season Three Butterfky Black Stone

These were just a few cosplay items I found. Feel free to share your Sansa Stark cosplay finds! If you have/know any items I should feature in this post, please let me know :)