When it comes to costumes and jewellery, Margaery Tyrell is my favourite Game of Thrones character. Her dresses look stunning with its amazing fabrics and low cuts. She is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get there, which is reflected in her somewhat daring dresses. The warm climate of Highgarden, the home land of the Tyrells, is reflected in the fabric and style that divers from the clothing most other women wear in the Capital.

Margaery Tyrell Cosplay Outfit Season Two

You can either try to find someone that makes a Margaery Tyrell dress or make it yourself. I noticed that some former makers of these dresses stopped selling, but if you look hard enough there are still some lovely items to find.


I was unable to find a current seller of the season two dress, yet there are lovely fabrics to find to create this dress by yourself. The process of making the dress is often as important as the event you are making it for. I find that making it yourself is satisfying and a real adventure.

The lower part of the dress and the brown are made of a shiny fabric that is folded. On etsy you can find some great fabric sellers. I found this brown silk from the shop silkfabric for only 3.36 pounds per 1/4 yard. Finding the right colour of blue silk is hard, but I think that a light teal blue would be the best colour. The blue fabric is sold by Beckford Silk.

Brown silk from silkfabric big_905
The corset/waistcoat is made of a strong material to which you can attache blue with brown detailed fabric. You can also go for a regular blue matt fabric and add some details yourself with brown thread. One of the most unique aspects of this dress is the shoulder revealing sleeves, made of a faded blue fabric.

Apart from making the dress you might also need the rose necklace and a wig. There are many sellers of wigs, but I would always recommend to go for a quality wig, as the cheap ones simply look too fake.

Season Two Jewellery

When I first saw the rose necklace of Margaery Tyrell I knew I had to have it! Instead of searching for the necklace, I searched for supplies to make the necklace myself (I am a jewellery maker). After I made myself this necklace, I made it for a few others and than decided to sell it on Etsy for any Game of Thrones fan or cosplayer.

You can find the necklace in our shop or my jewellery shop Bijoux Malou




Margaery Tyrell Cosplay Outfit Season Three

If you are looking to get a dress made, the Etsy shop Valchira sells high quality replica of dresses, and they have the dress worn in season three available, as the one shown on the picture below.

This costume would not be complete without the beautiful hairstyle of Margaery Tyrell. I found some great video on youtube made by Silvousplaits who shows you how to make several Game of Thrones hairstyles (including the underneath). You can find the video of Margaery Tyrell’s hairstyle here.

What I love about this dress is the rose belt and beautiful brocade fabric. If you are making this dress yourself, here are two stunning silk brocade fabrics, the first one from SilkByUmf and the second from Sitarafabricandtrims.

il_570xN.425549266_7tip            il_570xN.430029779_22fk

You can make the belt yourself with a thick metal wire and attach this to the dress. You can make the rose of clay or fabric. I found the following ready made satin one by Etsy seller simpledesignbows, which would look perfect on the dress.

Satin Brown Rose


I have recently made a Margaery Tyrell Belt which I currently sell on my etsy Bijoux Malou.
Margaery Tyrell Belt by Bijoux Malou

If you want to look like Margaery Tyrell but you have no event to attend, the following dress is inspired by the dress worn in season three but is more for practical for everyday use. The dress is made by the Etsy shop SeamlessSunshine.

This were some Margaery Tyrell Cosplay picks and more posts on cosplay outfits will follow. If you have any suggestions or anything to add, feel free to contact me or leave your comment. Thank you!