The Game of Thrones family sigils/banners are an important part in the series, they are the visualisation of the differences between the prominent families. The depiction on the  sigils, together with the family ‘words’, tell a lot about the family they represent. While the words can be fairly easily expressed by the characters in the series, the sigils are shown in many different aspects, such as costumes, jewellery and other objects. I personally love the design of the sigils, and the more subtle ways in which they come back throughout the series.

Banner are probably the most obvious visualisation of the family sigils. Banners are precisely there to distinguish groups of people. Banners are carried by bannerman whom proudly weave their banner flags to show their house of allegiance. The banner also appear in the series at the houses of the families, such as the Stark sigil in winterfell.
59 Winterfell distant

Yet there are much more subtle ways in which the sigils become visible in the series. One of my favourite ‘sigil moments’ is the wax seal stamps used by the houses. I am currently getting some of these wax stamps made, and they will become available in my shop in a month or so. The wax seals usually shows the house from which the letter comes, and is a way to secure messages. The picture underneath does not show a sigil, but the hand of the king, as I could not take a good screen shot of other wax seals with sigils.
Hand of The king Wax Seal

The sigils are also shown in many of the costumes, such as the costume worn by Rob Stark at the red wedding. The cape is attached by a the wolf sigil in metal. Rob Stark Red Wedding Stark Wolf Sigil Cape Costume


One of my favourite costumes in Game of Thrones in the costume of Brynden Tully, better known as the black fish. His costume shows his sigil, the fish, as well as the scales of a fish.


Both worn by Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen is the three headed dragon pin, of which Daenerys also later wears in larger version on her wedding dress.

Apart from costumes, the sigils also come back in other objects in scenes. I love the detail that went into the chair of Walder Frey, of which the back forms the sigils of the frey’s: the twins.

Even the man who does not have the prominent family background, created his own sigil. Peter Baelish, better known as littlefinger, uses the mocking bird as his own sigil.
He wears a pin of a mocking bird on his costume, and it also comes back on the sail of his ship.
Peter Baelish Mockingbird Sigil Sail Ship